Blog Personality Profile: The Chatty Guy

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This week, we’re getting to know the different personalities of blog marketing and blog creation. Yesterday, we talked about the delicate art of adding humor to your blog by discussing the Funny Guy. Today, we meet the Chatty Guy. Behold the Chatty Guy. He’s clever. He can balance multiple conversations with ease. He’s a blast to hang out with largely because of his friendly, talkative style. So how do we mere blogging mortals infuse some of Chatty Guy’s personality into our branded blogs?

Talking to instead of talking at readers is really the biggest thing we can learn from the Chatty Guy. Whether he’s talking about a new line of sneakers or recipes for eggplant, we feel like we know Chatty Guy because he’s not lecturing — he’s shooting the breeze with us. Conversational blogging like this is highly sought after and imitated by brands like Whole Foods, Coke and Sephora. Power companies have taken a page from Chatty Guy’s playbook because they’ve figured out that writing our blogs in the same voice we would use to have a neighborly conversation is a great way to pull readers closer to our business. Chatty blogging is a fantastic fit for posts profiling company events, showing off employee promotions and thanking loyal customers. Conversational blogging works when it’s filled with equal parts warmth, personality and knowledge.

That isn’t to say Chatty Guy doesn’t have faults. Talkative works, but only in small doses. Posts that ramble on, include too many personal details or far too many words will have readers setting down their cocktails and leaving the proverbial picnic. Chatty Guy can also be found guilty of occasionally posting too much, flooding Facebook pages with links to blogs and generally not knowing when to zip it. The kids who talked too much in class got in trouble for a reason — because after a while, it can become annoying.

Nevertheless, don’t ever underestimate the power of being conversational. In real life and in blogging, we are drawn to folks who want to talk to us and who have something interesting to say. A chatty and approachable blog, if well-written, will be one your followers and customers will certainly respond to.



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