Blog Marketing Basics: Why Good Writing Isn’t Enough

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Snappy blog creation with memorable images and terrific writing are the kind of things blogging-for-business campaigns are built on. Yet just having a well-written blog is only the beginning. This week, our new three-part series Blog Marketing Basics takes a look at a few simple ways to get more readers, more comments and more followers for your company’s amazing blog. Today, we’re talking about why blog marketing is so important — and a surprisingly simple way to get started.

We’ve heard many a client moan when we’ve asked them what their blog marketing plans were. Most of them assume that taking the time in creating a blog and publishing it is the end of the work. Oh, if it were only that easy. True, just having a great website and carefully constructed blog is more than most companies have, but it is only a start. The point of blogs (and all content marketing, for that matter) is to drive followers to your business. Here is the catch: This can only work if they know about your blog.

Just assuming people will find your amazing blog in the sea of billions of blogs is, well, ridiculous. The competition is too stiff and SEO too cutthroat to just assume anyone will ever blindly find you online. Instead, blog marketing helps you come up with a plan to get your blog in front the right eyes. The best thing about blog marketing is that it can be done along alongside a lot of your other marketing efforts, most of which you are probably already doing.

A great place to get started is in your own backyard. It always shocks us when clients admit they haven’t told their closest friends, valued employees and favorite customers to visit their blogs. The people closest to you and your business (and not close in a social media way, although we’ll talk about that later this week) should be the first ones to read, forward and champion your blogging efforts. Get your employees, your family and most cherished clients on board first and more readers will come.If you need to bribe them with contests, discounts or silly videos during the early days, fine. If they love your brand, they’ll be back. The whole point of blog marketing is letting folks know your blog is out there… and your inner circle is an excellent place to start.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk a little about marketing your blog to other bloggers!

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