Blog Marketing Basics: Bloggers Helping Bloggers

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Our special three-part series on Blog Marketing Basics continues today as we look to our counterparts and contemporaries to help us out. That’s right — we’re talking about other bloggers and blogs. The truth is that other bloggers and blogs are a terrific place to market our own blogs. Bloggers who discuss similar topics to our own blog also have readers who are interested in what we’re talking about, too. By reaching out to other blogs, we also open the door for invaluable blogger cross-promotion. To tap into all of this blogger love, we’ve come up with three easy ways to practice blog marketing with the folks who speak your language.

To successfully market to other blogs, erase the idea of competition. There are plenty of readers to go around, and by getting to know other bloggers, you are opening your blog up for exactly that. Instead, think of other bloggers as your co-workers — and the best way to communicate with them is through comments. Commenting on blogs similar to your own is an immediate way to say “hello” to your fellow bloggers while promoting your own blog each time you leave your thoughts. Now, like any form of communication, comments should be engaging, thoughtful and courteous. Fellow bloggers and commenters are more likely to visit your own blog if they sense you are really invested in the discussion and not just there to sell your website. Comment often, and soon enough, your blog will be the one getting comments.

Guest blogging on popular blogs or inviting bloggers to blog on your site is another easy blog marketing technique. Reach out via email to bloggers who write in a style that your readers and brand can relate to and invite them to share their wisdom on your pages while offering your services to do the same for them. Get a list of a dozen or so potential blogs and email all of them. The more bloggers you reach out to, the better your chances of striking guest blogger gold.

Lastly, don’t forget to also include bloggers on your press list. Be sure to let highly-read bloggers know about your new product launches, events and website updates. Bloggers are often looking for new stories to break before traditional media to gets ahold of them, and your press release or blog post could provide them with juicy, untapped content.

Tomorrow, we’re discussing cool new ways to melt your social media marketing and blog marketing into one big, delicious treat.



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