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Leave it to the guy who somehow keeps the toy requests of billions of children organized to find time to stay on top of blog content management, too. We’re talking about Santa Claus, of course, though the admirable blog in question really belongs to the United States Postal Office’s Operation Santa Claus. Millions of “Dear Santa” letters flood post offices around the country every year during the holidays. The generous elves of Operation Santa Claus personally answer the requests of needy children who might not otherwise have a Christmas at all. Thanks to blogging and social media, this grassroots efforts garner more attention every year.

While it sounds like something out of one of those tear-jerking Hallmark Channel movies, Operation Santa Claus is a very real cause that helps the Christmas dreams of deserving kids come true. Blogging is a fantastic way for community projects like Operation Santa Claus to reach wider audiences. On its blog, Operation Santa Claus gives the details of how the project works. This year, the project is working especially hard to help East Coast families affected by Hurricane Sandy as well as the school shooting in Connecticut. Therefore, a blog works brilliantly with “call to action” posts to illustrate how readers can help out and get involved. But it’s also Christmas, a time of year hopefully with joy and good cheer. The blog does its part to spread the spirit of the season with family-friendly posts featuring Christmas carol lyrics, puzzles, videos and games. After all, nobody wants a boring or depressing blog written by Santa Claus and his happy cohorts.

Maybe the season is starting to rub off on us, but we think humanity is the best blogging takeaway we can get from Operation Santa Claus’ blogging and blog marketing. It doesn’t have to be a winter wonderland to show our company’s heart and soul. Blog posts that really expose our compassion are the kind of things that elevate us from simple (and dull) robot blogging. No matter what you blog about, you can use blogging to talk about the causes your company holds dear, to celebrate the successes of a fundraising effort and to raise awareness. We’re willing to bet that blogging with humanity will entice new readers — all while keeping you off the naughty list.

Happy holidays!

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