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One of the incredible benefits of custom content like that offered by corporate blogs is that a brand gets a daily opportunity to communicate company beliefs and mission statements in interesting and fun-to-read ways. Blogging-for-business campaigns remind readers what a business is all about. UPS, a massive shipping powerhouse which will distribute some 527 million packages during the holiday season, recently ranked No. 27 on Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands List for 2012. For a business that sends out more gifts than Santa, reliability is a value UPS tries to impress upon consumers over and over again. With a revamped ad campaign and lightening quick responses on social media, the company also uses blogging to remind users that when it comes to dependable shipping, UPS is a brand that delivers.

Upside, the official UPS blog, has the challenging task of making the world of shipping sound interesting. With ideas on sending luggage, tips on applying for part-time work at UPS and creative solutions to shipping problems, Upside meets that challenge head-on — and succeeds. Naturally, UPS’ signature brown color palate and recognizable branding pepper the blog’s layout. But where Upside really succeeds is in making consumer feel secure in choosing UPS. Through posts written by real UPS employees and customers, readers get a glimpse at how UPS works. A recent guest post, for example, illustrated how Appalachian State University Football ships 10,000 season tickets to alumni, students and fans. Steven White, Athletic Ticket Manager at Appalachian State University, blogs about how UPS makes keeping those fans happy a lot easier. Post after post on Upside reminds users that UPS can make their lives easier, too.

Using your blog to simultaneously establish yourself as an expert in your field while pushing your company’s values and mission statements is a great idea, whether you’re a global shipping magnet or a spunky little independent business. UPS proves that knowing what you’re talking about and being proud of your company’s values can, indeed, make for interesting blog posts. Customer-written posts are also a great idea. After all, who better to toot the horn of your company than the folks who are already happily patronizing it?

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