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If you’re in the information website biz where all you do is help people find stuff, blog content management is probably the last thing you want to do. After all, all your business does is spew out helpful tidbits to help folks — and you’re expected to blog, too? We get it. But a blog can also be a chance for an information-based brand to cut loose. Brands like Google use blogging to help explain products, while other reference sites use blogs to show what’s going on behind the scenes. But mainly, if you’re a brand like Zillow, blogging can become a way to show off your company’s mad skills and knowledge (while having a good time!).

Founded in 2005, Zillow is one of the world’s most popular online real estate databases. Sure, this material could be dry, but given Zillow’s extensive access to amazing information about millions of properties, the brand has solidified itself as a true resource in the real estate industry. An information database with some real know-how, Zillow also knows when to have fun at work. The Zillow blog is a cool, interesting and even educational read about real estate. Who knew that was even possible? Posts like “Top 10 Cities for Renters,” “What Really Influences a Credit Score” and “3 Bedroom Homes for $100,000” just beg house-hunters to click on them. Other posts about design and repair tips, photos of lavish celebrity homes for sale and the latest on the real estate market are the kind of dynamic content that appeals to all kinds of readers. Wisely, most of the posts feature links to its site or featured properties on the site. The layout is attractive and not distracting. Obviously, Zillow wants to keep it simple in order to keep the focus on real estate. 

Yet what we especially love about Zillow’s blog is that it really knows its audience. From first-time home buyers to house flippers, this blog has tips for everyone. This is a great thing for all brands to practice, particularly information brands. Don’t be afraid to do some digging on your own site. Who uses it? Who comes back over and over? Who is the first in line to buy new products? Who emails your CEO with comments? Get these answers and write the blogs for them. Knowing who you’re blogging for and simply focusing on that will get you your audience. By continuing to regularly post new content, your blog will soon turn into an authority.


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