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Blogging for business doesn’t have to be dull. Every company has a story, and a blog is the perfect platform to tell the compelling and ever-changing narrative of any business. The up-to-the-minute nature of blogging makes it incredibly simple to keep followers, customers and employees in the loop. New products, staff changes, parties and events can all be blogged about as part of a business’ larger story. Today, we see how YouTube transcends silly cat videos to tell its own compelling tale with blogging. 

The YouTube Official Blog might not look like it has much to say upon first glance. But a closer look reveals the innovative thinking behind the brand that became a major media corporation and changed the way we use our computers. And because the YouTube story is one of innovation, it makes sense that many posts on the blog are devoted to the latest products and live feeds. Over the weekend, for example, YouTube broadcasted “Lazypalooza,” allowing viewers everywhere a front row seat to the Lollapalooza music festival which took place in Chicago. Other promotions like “Geek Week” are covered with the intention of attracting viewers to specific channels and videos. YouTube’s devotion to innovation and fresh ideas continues with the monthly On The Rise program in which the blog identifies four partners whose channels drive significant YouTube watch time (but haven’t yet reached the 100,000 subscriber mark). YouTube users then get to vote on their favorites. This kind of participation draws followers into YouTube’s story instead of keeping them at a distance. This makes sense considering that the content on YouTube is all user-created. 

YouTube is a powerful example of how blogging can bridge the gap between consumers and brands. Blog writing that has something to say and a story to share makes people come back for more. This is true for company blogs, personal blogs and even television shows. We crave good stories, and all of our businesses have them to share. Start your blog at the beginning of your story. Tell people who you are and why you started blogging. This isn’t just a nice introduction; it also can serve as your blogging manifesto. From there, use your blog to tell a new story everyday. Blogging isn’t just about sales, it’s about making connections. With personalized posts and fascinating facts, YouTube’s blog provides hope that there is more to branded blogs than rambling, corporate gobbledygook.

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