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It’s time to face the facts, kids: We’re living in some pin-happy, inspiration-board-sharing, photolicious times. And many companies look to tailor corporate blog content management plans to fit these demands. We say: Why not? The exchange of ideas and inspirations ultimately is a good thing. It may be true that one man’s glossy photos of pumpkin muffins is another man’s how-to blog about chalkboard wallpaper, but there’s no harm in spreading around the idea love. Brands like Williams-Sonoma have built empires on inspiring people to try new things (while using its fabulous products, of course) and now the company has turned to branded blogging to help preach the good word of “Why not try something new?”

Williams-Sonoma’s blog The Blender is just the ticket for the Pinterest generation. Filled with recipes of the day, drool-worthy photos of the gourmet life and really easy-to-use tricks, The Blender helps Williams-Sonoma finally tackle blogging with the style and finesse the rest of the brand just oozes. Founded in 1956, Williams-Sonoma was born during this country’s first era of do-it-yourself homemakers. Therefore, it is fitting that the company, after a few snoozy attempts, would catch its blogging stride as the American DIY trend rockets into a high-tech, eco-conscious new dimension. Stark and well-organized, the real star here is the food. A blog for a company like Williams-Sonoma should make you hungry while simultaneously making you think you can be Julia Child. The Blender accomplishes both.

The million dollar blogging tip that any company — whether you make scones or sprockets — can take away from The Blender is this: Don’t be afraid to teach your readers something. Clearly, the majority of blog readers want to find something clever that they can tweet or pin or email to their mothers. Peppering your blog with information about your products, company and industry sets your blog apart. The Blender tells us, “Sure, you can do canning. It’s really easy and we have lots of cool things to help you, too.” We believe them because they are confident, knowledgeable and consistent. Interior design, gardening, computer software, pet care, public speaking, barbecuing — whatever it is you and your company are experts in, you can pass it on to your readers. If it’s a helpful blog post, it could literally live on and be forwarded zillions of times over.

So don’t be afraid to teach the children a thing or two. (And P.S. If you’re looking for blog creation experts, we can help you with that.)

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