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Urban outfitters 2
I’ll say it: Managing blog content day after day can be a difficult task. Coming up with engaging and dynamic content on a regular basis takes a lot of creativity, persistence and stamina. The very thought of having to create new blog posts every day is enough to scare many companies away. But we’re here to tell you it can be done. More than that, company blogs can be terrific reads and incredibly fun to create. Just look at the blog of hipster clothing emporium Urban Outfitters. This entertaining and sassy blog is chock full of great ideas that just might inspire your own blog.

From pot culture and music festivals to the latest 20 something-marketed films and fashion trends, the Urban Outfitters blog looks like a Tumblr and reads like Nylon magazine. Urban Outfitters isn’t just selling skinny jeans and overpriced hand painted sneakers, it’s also selling a lifestyle, so the blog is designed as such. Too cool for school? Sure. Too snarky and self-aware? Perhaps. But it doesn’t matter what we think. The blog succeeds because of its great content, strong brand messaging and wise editing. This blog knows its demographics and writes only for them.

The photos, blog design and videos are pitch perfect for Urban Outfitters customers. The blog also features interviews with celebs and Urban Outfitter employees alike. Interviews make for great blog fodder and are something any brand (regardless of how cool you are) can add to your blog.

Video chats with employees, email Q&As with product designers and interviews with favorite customers are just the tip of the iceberg. Why not interview conference attendees, local celebrities and artists who shop at your business and fellow leaders in your industry? The best blog interviews are short and easy to read, which means interview questions can be emailed days in advance and published to your blog whenever. Just make sure your questions are interesting and give your interview subject a lot to talk about. A few well-placed interview posts can help turn your blog into something all the cool kids want to read.


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