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The terrific thing about blogging for business is that you have a daily opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Blog writing is the fastest and most clear platform for expressing a company’s message. Blogs can become online magazines, portfolios and biographies for businesses willing to get creative and post dynamic material. Hipster shoe manufacturer TOMS is a unique company with a one-of-a-kind business model that uses blogging to tell its ever-developing, fascinating story.

TOMS Stories is certainly a blog, but upon first glance it looks more like the product of a real content provider rather than the newsletter of a shoe company. Filled with videos, travelogues, profiles of company initiatives and human interest pieces, TOMS Stories is an online magazine talking about so much more than shoes, which makes a lot of sense. Founder Blake Mycoskie is committed to social causes, and TOMS has given away more than 2 million pairs of shoes since the company started back in 2006. Fittingly, the company blog features information and news stories on the brand’s altruistic endeavors. A recent post, for example, reported on TOMS’ recent partnership with Save the Children to help, according to the blog, “get kids moving and eating better.”

TOMS’ commitment to global causes is certainly blogworthy, but the blog also talks about the money-maker: shoes. This trendy line of footwear makes the other projects possible. Therefore, the latest boots and shoes and the people and places that inspired them are covered in the blog with photos, videos and descriptions. Glossy fashion layouts and style reports from around the web fit in seamlessly with the rest of TOMS Stories. 

Why can’t our own company blogs be great looking, fabulous reads that defy all preconceived notions? We can’t think of any good answer to that. Blog writing like TOMS Stories gives our brands and blogs the permission to be more. More interesting, more global, more involved. TOMS loads its blog with dynamic content for a variety of readers, and gives readers and followers a blog about shoes but also a whole lot more.

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