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Are you trying to explain your company and what it is you do exactly but can’t quite figure out how to do that with blog writing? Then why not have your employees and clients do it for you! Company blogs that turn employees, followers, fans and customers into bloggers are truly onto something. By letting the folks who already say and write nice things about us become blog post creators, we’ve found a solution for fresh content while letting the people who know our brand to all the talking. The Mayo Clinic, for example, hands the blogging reigns over to its employees and patients with readable and interesting results. 

The Mayo Clinic was founded in 1863 and was the first integrated not-for-profit medical group practice in the world. It prides itself on accessibility, and the blogs certainly reflect this mission statement. Amid its many blogs, some of which are scientific or medical in nature, is Sharing Mayo Clinic. This blog profiles the people, the patients and the latest news from the Mayo Clinic. Since many who wind up at the clinic aren’t feeling so great, the blog has a hopeful, knowledgeable and friendly tone. Since the Mayo Clinic’s mission is to help people, the posts illustrate how it does precisely that. One inspiring post profiles a young girl who, with the help of the clinic, overcame deadly virus while another post gives the firsthand account of a Mayo Clinic administrator who visited Mexico on a medical mission for the Red Cross. Other posts give details of new treatments for a variety of ailments, provide Q&As with doctors and profile Mayo clinic employees who recently won awards. Likewise, the blog’s layout and design are uncomplicated and simple. No need to make reading a blog difficult since many patients are probably going through enough problems. 

This isn’t to say you must have legions of employees or thousands of social fans to pull off the Mayo Clinic’s style of blogging. Occasional guest blogs can fill the void nicely. Guest blogging from employees or clients is a wonderful way to fill up the pages of our blogs while creating personalized and dynamic content.


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