Blog Like the Big Brands: The Four Seasons

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In these pages, you’ve seen us bow down to those who create blogs for specific audiences. Tailoring our blogging for business efforts to a certain demographic of clients and followers can truly make a corporate blog feel more thoughtful. Big brands wanting to change-up their images are using blogs to reach out to new customers. The Four Seasons, for example, is a world renowned-hotel legendary for its luxury, celebrity clientele and exotic locales. So when the hotel chain’s management wanted to appeal to families, the company created a clever blog campaign perfect for mommy bloggers and luxury vacationers alike.

There are Four Seasons hotels in nearly every glamorous destination on Earth. VIPs, movie stars and world leaders are always welcome at any of the hotel’s locations. But families? Yep. Turns out the Four Seasons wants the elite and their rug-rats to come stay the night. In an effort to appeal to a families who love the good life, Four Seasons launched Have Family Will Travel. This brilliant blogging initiative features blog posts by real families who have stayed in Four Seasons resorts all over the world. Here moms and dads praise the service and amenities at the Four Seasons and share photos of their vacations. Even Punky Brewster herself recently blogged about her family’s trip to Mexico!

Four Seasons is still fabulously luxurious, but it’s now friendly and approachable, too. Have Family Will Travel’s posts from families give readers ideas for their own getaways and probably inspire a little more than a few daydreams. The blog also features recipes from the hotels and “postcards” from kids who stayed at Four Seasons. Getting specific has given Four Season a whole new persona as a brand — and it can do the same for your company.

Writing posts, creating series and using different contributors for target audiences is a simple switch up for your company blog. Talking to specific groups is something every type of business can do. Clothing companies have blogs specifically designed to show off new or sale items (and attract huge readerships), as do cooking blogs that devote a day of the week to certain diets or cuisines.

So, readers, here’s our question for you on this Monday morning: What niche audiences can your blog target? And do you currently write for a certain type of buyer or follower? Share your blogging successes in the comments section below!

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