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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, branded blog writing was a boring affair. Companies were afraid to wink at their own image or be humorous for fear of turning consumers off. Yet being only sales-driven in blogging for business didn’t work, either. Clearly a new way of blogging had to be discovered. Where blogging is concerned we have to listen to the wise words of Yoda who said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.” In other words, today’s branded blogging can be both loyal to a company’s image while being fun and self-effacing. Look no further than the official Star Wars blog for further proof.

Last fall, Lucasfilm made headlines when it was purchased by Disney for $4 billion, meaning that Mickey and the gang would soon be joined by Luke, Princess Lei and C-3PO. Judging by Lucasfilm’s digital presence, it was money well spent. Lucas and his team have kept up with every online branding and marketing trend, including blog creation. The Official Star Wars blog catches a reader’s eye initially with its great design. Modern, image-heavy, well-organized and covered in the franchise’s iconic logos and characters, there is no question as a blog reader that you have entered the Star Wars Universe. The blog keeps things informal and friendly, however, when it comes to the actual copy. From posts by fans and kitschy Star Wars-themed craft projects to wedding photos (yes, really!) and collectible news, the blog covers the vast Star Wars territory but does so with a sense of humor and whimsy. There’s no Dark Side here, just strong branding and a whole lot of fun.

Fun! Now there’s a unique idea — and a great takeaway to use in our own blogging practices. Not every one of your business blog posts has to be all serious all the time. Having a little fun, whether it be with videos, funny photos or lighter topics, not only makes your readers feel comfortable but also breaks up the monotony of industry-only related posts.

So, readers, how can your blog have a little more fun? Tell us in the comments section below. And may the blogging force be with you!

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