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So much of blog creation for business relies on truly knowing not only what you’re talking about but who you’re talking to. When Swedish-based music streaming service Spotify came to the U.S. last year, the company had to rely on the international langue of music to get its message across. But as Spotify developed into a billion-dollar empire, it learned to use digital branding, social media marketing and blogging to keep the conversation going. This week, BLTBB takes a listen to the sweet blogging music of Spotify in hopes of learning a new marketing ditty or two all of us can use.

Here’s a novel idea: If your company is a music subscription service, why not interview musicians? Brilliant! Seems obvious, but turning your blog into a mini music magazine is something iTunes or Pandora never thought of. Spotify currently has posts that chat with way-cool artists like Cat Power and Hot Chip. The new albums of both bands are featured on Spotify right now, so chatting with the folks behind them makes perfect sense to us.

The layout of the Spotify blog is sensible, as well. Emblazoned with just enough of the company’s lime green accent color to let you know who’s running the show, the Spotify blog is an exercise in controlled branding. Smartly written and easy to load, Spotify nails corporate blogging all the way around.

But the big takeaway here for mortal bloggers like us is as plain as the noses on our faces: What Spotify does so well with its blog is — get ready to have your mind blown — talk about its products! Again, sounds easy… but blogging about what you sell and your products can quickly turn dull and spam-like if in the wrong hands. Instead, Spotify puts big pictures of apps and innovations in the blog posts and then explains why it’s cool and how it works. With short entries that talk about the music on Spotify, the ways to use it and new teched out tricks to help it seem even better, readers who weren’t fans before certainly will be swayed by the end of a blog reading marathon. And that, my friends, is what good blogging for business is all about!

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