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A massive global electronic and entertainment brand like Sony should have a smooth digital presence and great-looking custom content, right? I mean, it’s Sony. It’s an easily-recognized, iconic technology company; if the folks there can’t figure out online marketing, we’re all in trouble. Thankfully, Sony has digital branding nailed shut. Its blog is a sleek, sharp and surprisingly smart corporate blog that might just inspire your own company’s blogging.

The first thing visitors to the blog notice is that Sony proudly and repeatedly wears the tag “make.believe.” Right off, followers know that this blog is devoted to Sony’s wide array of products and the brand is inviting us to use them and read more about them. From the Walkman to the DVD player to the PlayStation and beyond, Sony has been on the forefront of personal electronics innovation. Therefore, much of the blog is devoted to new products coming out, an inside peek at products in development and tips for using Sony products. The blog even provides some company history and seriously nerdy technical talk, too.

Yet like all of the successful blogs we talk about in these pages, Sony’s copy is conversational, smart and easy to read. The blog talks to you and not down at you — a major mistake many tech-heavy company makes. Instead, Sony acts as the friend who is really excited to show you a bunch of cool stuff. The smartest thing the blog does, however, is keep the focus on its products. Sure, there are posts about ComicCon and other newsworthy events, but the brand name is still present and so are Sony products. Even the photos are a Sony-created affair. Each image on the site is great-looking and magazine-ready, which is a smart move for a company for which much of their bread and butter still comes from the sales of digital cameras.

And that brings us to our takeaway tip from Sony: When it comes to corporate blog creation, there’s a delicate line between informing and connecting with your audience vs. blogging like an infomercial. Try to infuse news stories with your company’s mission statement and products. For example, if you have a bakery, try posting about the latest celebrity wedding and what kind of wedding cake you’d make for the happy couple. If you’re in the art business, cover the auction beat while talking about similar pieces you have in your gallery. Lawyers, fashion designers, medical professionals and travel experts are all the kinds of professionals who can always find something from the headlines to blog about. The possibilities are endless. But just make sure you do as Sony does and bring it back to your business. Sony’s blog is great example of how a corporate blog can be conversational, informative and great looking while still showing off its products.

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