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Blogging for business is often perceived as an easy way to create more fresh web content and not much more. A branded blog should just help with our SEO, increase our digital presence and who cares what the blog is actually saying, right? Wrong! Branded blogs can do all of that and so much more — if written thoughtfully. The best corporate blogs are industry magazines, enticing dossiers that give followers an inside look into our companies and helpful reads that teach consumers even more about our products. Skype, the Internet’s first mainstream visual phone service, uses its blogs well to show users its latest technology and new ways to use its products and services.

First released in 2003 and sold to Microsoft in 2011 for a massive $8.5 billion, Skype changed the way people communicated with one another. From Oprah and the Oval Office to kids and even mom and dad, Skype lets folks have video chats from anywhere in the world. 2003, however, was a long time ago — and now Skype has FaceTime and dozens of other popular services to compete with. So the company uses blogging to help educate consumers about Skype’s services and new innovations. The company has no fewer than 8 blogs to address every possible topic related to Skype. Play, for example, is the company’s blog which showcases “innovative ways people are using Skype,” while Mac has posts specific to Apple owners. The Big Blog is where company news, press releases and information on new services can be found. It’s also where Skype experts blog in how-to style to illustrate the use of different Skype features. A post from last week in this vein outlined tips for better audio and video quality, while another recent post showed users how to use Skype in conjunction with the recent changes to Outlook and Hotmail.

The success of tech products like Skype largely depends on being as “easy to use,” so blogging is a great way to help convey that message. Time after time, the most popular posts on the Internet are still the ones that teach readers something and every brand can use blog writing to educate readers about their company, products and services.

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