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Blog writing, even when it’s for your business, should be fun. Using a blog as a daily platform to talk directly to consumers, followers and friends about your brand doesn’t have to be a boring or dry affair. In fact, many major companies use blogging as a way to express their brand’s personality, style and sense of humor. This week, Blog Like the Big Brands looks at the blog-styles of Sharpie, a company that really knows how to make blogging and content marketing fun.

A favorite among stodgy secretaries and tagging teenagers alike, Sharpie markers have been a staple of our collective office supply drawers since they were released in 1964. For nearly 50 years, consumers have associated Sharpie marker pens with being permanent, long-lasting and very smelly. Yet thanks to digital marketing, the company is now trying to inspire consumers to use its products more creatively. The Sharpie Markers Official Blog is filled with mind-blowing ideas for budding artists, organizational junkies, graffiti fiends, students and everyone in between. Posts like this one, which shows readers how to make cool psychedelic coasters, are the kind of crafty innovation readers can find on the blog. The site also has feature articles with renowned artists using Sharpie, new product profiles, contests and even more DIY craft ideas for kids of all ages. Also stunning are the photos, videos and bright graphics which make visitors to the blog not only want to stick around but to grab a Sharpie and start doodling. Sharpie has taken a traditional blog and turned it into an art magazine, an inspiration site and, most importantly, a powerfully-branded platform. And the best part about Sharpie’s blog? It’s fun to read!

Infusing our blogs with a little fun and personality is something we can all do. By sharing the things, ideas and inspirations that we ourselves like with our readers, we’re inviting light-hearted and positive engagement from our readers. Without the amount of negative information on the web, blogs’ positive, fun and upbeat message can’t help but stand out. Add to it some terrific images and helpful videos and you’ve got a blog that will brighten someone’s day.

So, readers, now it’s your turn. How do you put your brand’s personality into your company blog? Sound off below!


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