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It’s only natural that your pals at Sesame Street, who taught you how to count to 12 and how a llama goes to the dentist, would also be able to teach you a thing or two about blog marketing and blog creation! After all, Big Bird, Oscar and the gang have jumped head-first into the digital marketing game and have reinvented the Sesame Street experience. From buzz-worthy YouTube videos to talked-about tweets, the brand — which also includes a multi-million dollar line of toys, books, computer games and clothing — is truly everywhere online. Today, we thought we’d head to where the air is sweet to see how Sesame Street uses blogging to reach out to a new generation of kids and parents.

When searching for the official Sesame Street blog online, you’ll notice there are several. While most small companies don’t need bunches of blogs on tons of formats, it makes sense for Sesame Street. The show and the brand have always prided themselves on being globally and personally accessible to all kinds of children and parents. This inclusive mission statement is carried on in the Sesame Street Tumblr blog. Visual brands, primarily fashion designers, have thrived on Tumblr. Of course, very format of Tumblr is perfect for brands with a strong visual aesthetic, and rarely do family friendly companies use the platform. Sesame Street’s Tumblr changes all of that, however. Filled with classic videos, Sesame Street-themed memes and Muppet-filled GIFs, the Tumblr blog speaks directly to parents who grew up with the gang and now have children of their own. Since Sesame Street’s audience is one that either can’t read or is just learning to read, Tumblr works wonderfully as an introduction to blogs. Lighter on text and heavy on the friendly characters people love, the Sesame Street Tumblr blog can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

There’s a few things those of us who don’t work with giant yellow birds or blue monsters can take away from Sesame Street’s blog. First of all, any brand can use Tumblr. Easy to set up, fun to curate and very social, Tumblr blogs are a fantastic alternative to WordPress and Blogger. Just make sure it’s a good fit. If you want to blather on and on with lots of text, Tumblr ain’t for you. But if you have great photos of your products, amazing videos and custom memes you are dying to share with your clients, Tumblr can be an amazing online marketing tool. Next, we love blogs with bright colors. A major design trend (and not just for the kiddos), pops of bright color on your blog’s homepage are something to seriously consider. Sesame Street’s blog does color just right and every blog can spruce up its image with the right splash. Lastly, the big takeaway here is widening our blogging-for-business audience. Sesame Street’s blog is for everybody, and while that might be tough to do for all kinds of companies, each of us can strive for a blog that’s more accessible and easier to read that teaches our readers a little something. Kermit wouldn’t want it any other way.

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