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As social media experts, we’ve blogged a lot about Pinterest. This social media giant has taken our collective love of window shopping, image sharing and engaging to new heights. Brands of all sizes have turned to Pinterest to show off the latest products, run exclusive contests and generally create a buzz not possible on other networks. Yet in addition to being an incredible social media platform, Pinterest can also teach us a thing or two about blogging.

Oh, How Pinteresting is the company’s image-rich, gorgeous-looking blog. Fashion, interiors, food and weddings are some of the biggest categories on Pinterest. Therefore, posts filled with these topics are a no-brainer for the brand’s official blog. The happening-now Fashion Week, for example, has provided blogger fodder for days on Pinterest. From London to New York to backstage photos and on-the-street trends, Pinterest blogs about the things its users love about Fashion Week. The brand has even created special Fashion Week boards, which it wisely provides links to in every fashion-filled post.

The “point” of Pinterest is to inspire users to create collections (also known as boards) of images found on the web. These boards can be everything from birthday party ideas to kitchen makeovers. With this in mind, the Pinterest blog is also filled with tips and solutions on how to make the site work better for its users. Every recent site and mobile app update is blogged about here with the intention of making pinning even easier for the folks who already are wild about it. Other posts, like 10 Back To School Tips For Teachers, offer creative advice to users who utilize Pinterest in nontraditional ways.

Pinterest is a brand built on imagination, inspiration and creativity, so it’s fitting the blog sticks to that mission statement. But more than that, the blog speaks to more than just avid Pinterest users. The wording, the simple ideas and overall ease of the design invite and entice newbies to use Pinterest — which is exactly what our branded blog writing should do.

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