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Happy Labor Day! When it comes to blog writing innovations, Pepsi truly leaves no stone unturned. The soda giant has dozens of imprints and even its own snack maker, Frito Lay. As such, Pepsi has tons of blogs to reflect all of the facets of this multi-billion-dollar company. But little guys can learn a thing or two about blog marketing by taking a peek at Pepsi’s Live for Now blog.

Introduced in April, Live for Now is corporate blogging gone totally social. Hip, clever and filled with pop culture, Live for Now looks to bridge the gap between the entertainment world and the soda universe. (Mission accomplished.) Looking at recent entries on Live for Now, we noticed how Pepsi brilliantly takes news items of the day from the world of popular culture and ties them in with Pepsi’s branding. Blogging about up-to-the-minute stuff is always a great way to drive more traffic, but Pepsi takes it a step further. Live for Now encourages and almost demands that visitors take part in the conversation. Plugged into Twitter, Pepsi’s YouTube channel and Facebook, Pepsi is very social and wants its visitors to be the same way. Live for Now is a dynamic format that might change the way we engage with brands and blogs. By using multi-media and social media mixed with branded blogging, Pepsi has seamlessly integrated the platforms and come up with its own super hybrid.

But anybody can take a swig of Pepsi’s social soda without having the company’s big bucks. Brands that blog should really consider taking even the tiniest of baby steps to get readers to interact with them on social media. Widgets, links and buttons can be simply slapped on your blog to let people know your company is indeed social. And why stop there? Your blog should also talk about social media and drive readers over to your respective social media pages, too. Blogging briefly about your Facebook happenings, Twitter shenanigans and Pinterest presence is a good way for your blog to keep social even without a soda giant’s budget.

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