Blog Like the Big Brands: Orbitz

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The secret to great branded blog creation is usually right in front of your face. It’s true! The amazing stuff people love about your business, the fascinating facts about your company and the visuals your following raves about can all make for dynamic blog posts. Great brands tap into their company’s language and use blogs to tell the story of their company while peppering posts with information, tips and news stories their customers will find interesting. Online travel retailer Orbitz is such a company, making it a perfect subject for this week’s Blog Like the Big Brands feature.

Orbitz pretty much covers all the bases in the game of online marketing. Zingy tweets, fun-to-watch viral videos and must-read email marketing are all part of what keeps the brand near the top of the Internet travel heap. So it only figures that the company has a handle on blogging, too. The Orbitz Travel Blog might not win any “Most Amazing Title” awards, but its content is exactly the kind of stuff avid travelers look for. Recent posts covered an array of helpful topics such as what to do when traveling during Hurricane Sandy-type of conditions, Vegas hotels that have recently gotten makeovers and travel tips for Mexico City. Wisely, since already has fantastic photos and info on resorts and flights, the blog uses the platform to expand on topics vacationers want to know about. The plentiful assortment of blog categories includes Gay Travel, Disney Vacations, Travel News and Ski Resorts. Yet the Orbitz blog isn’t the end-all of information on the brand. Its blog is supplemental to an already comprehensive website.

Having your blog provide marketing backup for your brand is a fantastic big brand tip. Is it super fabulous to have a company blog which transcends the genre and becomes a trusted online magazine? Of course! But a well-written blog that can simply support your business’ other endeavors is equally valuable. Blogging for business is an easy way to talk about your brand while commenting on the things that affect your industry and following.

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