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Ahead of Gucci, J. Crew and Chanel on list of the most-searched fashion designers/brands of 2012 is Michael Kors. Kors became a household name thanks to his role as a judge on the reality television hit Project Runway. Yet his brand seems to stay on top thanks in large part to some pretty savvy digital marketing. From a killer Facebook following (over 4.5 million likes) to an omnipresence on Twitter and online fashion magazines, Michael Kors is a luxury brand that uses every online trick up its nicely tailored sleeve. So it’s no surprise that the company stylishly masters the world of branded blog writing, too.

Michael’s Notes is the expected stylish photoblog on the Michael Kors website. When New York Fashion Week happened in February, the blog used its posts to show how the brand works from every angle. Posts from runway show producers, hair stylists, fashion photographers, makeup artists and fashion editors gave readers an inside look at the day-to-day of Fashion Week from the folks working it. A post titled “Michael Kors: 24 Hours Before the Show” provided an intimate look at the famous designer running around moments before his Fall 2013 runway show at Lincoln Center. The post, written by Kors himself, is peppered with the strong opinions and signature sense of humor Project Runway viewers have come to expect from the designer.

Of course, a brilliant blog is nothing if no one reads it. #AllAccessKors was the hashtag the company used for the blog posts, which certainly didn’t disappoint. Kors seems committed to giving fans and fashionistas alike an inside look at how the fashion biz really works. Elsewhere on the site, Kors TV — part fashion television network, part YouTube channel — is on a mission to show off the brand’s fabulous products while giving a video version of that “backstage insider angle” which the blog does so well.

Using blogging-for-business campaign tactics to give your readers and followers an inside look at your company is a great takeaway we can use from Michael Kors. Sure, we might not all work in the glamorous world of fashion, but every company has inner workings, backstage drama and interesting employees whose stories can make for riveting blog entries.

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