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Blogging-for-business campaigns are not only fantastic for a brand’s digital presence and SEO, but can also help cover a wide array of topics that a simple brochure or basic press release couldn’t possibly handle. Most companies — even the small one- or two-man operations — offer a variety of services, sell an array of products or have tons of things to discuss with their followers. Blog writing can cover everything on your company’s mind while having the capacity to update in a moment’s notice. MasterCard, for example, is a brand that uses its blog as part of the company’s online newsroom. The busy credit card company juggles all sorts of topics in its blog and does so with considerable finesse.

Surely the holiday season at a big credit card company has to be one of the more stressful times of year. Between special promotions and unfortunate thefts to lost cards and angry travelers trying to cash in rewards points, credit card companies like MasterCard are working around the clock to keep the season merry and bright. Yet by looking at MasterCard’s Cashless Conversations Blog, you’d think the holiday rush was no big deal. Wisely, the company presents a cool-as-a-cucumber image on its blog and helps assure cardholders that “everything is under control.” The blog has a no-nonsense look and feel, befitting of its place in the company newsroom. Here cardholders will find just the facts along with some feature stories about the topics developing at MasterCard. Cleanly organized into categories — News and Views, MasterCard in the Community, Cashless Pioneers, Cashless Generation and Future of Payments Stream — the blog can handle talking about several topics while sticking to the task at hand, which is convincing visitors to choose plastic over paper. Eclectic posts show how the company helps non-profits as well as how new technology makes using MasterCard even easier.

MasterCard’s confidence in its product is reflected in every post on the blog. Confidence is a great takeaway for your own company blog. Don’t waste any more time waiting for media outlets to tell folks how fantastic your business is. Use a blog to do it yourself! Besides, you should be proud of your services and what you do for customers, so don’t be afraid to show off your expertise while blogging. Your inherent belief in your company in blog posts will help new followers believe in you, too.

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