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For blog writing innovations and inspirations, sometimes it’s not the old, reliable big names that are breaking new ground but the spunky newcomers. Internet shopping destination for hip American-manufactured products Made Movement has generated tons of headlines for its groundbreaking business model since its launch in 2011. The online fashion and accessories shop houses nothing but items made right here in the USA, so each time shoppers purchase something at Made Movement, they can be sure to have a positive impact on the economy. So it isn’t surprising that when it comes to blogging, Made Movement is equally as impressive.

We love that the e-commerce era continues to usher in hundreds of businesses bent on doing things differently. Made Movement is putting products from t-shirts to tableware in the spotlight. But convincing folks to buy things made in their own backyard isn’t an easy task, especially given the affordability and convenience of going to big box stores filled with stuff made cheaply in other countries. This means when it comes to blogging for business — and all of the brand’s digital marketing for that matter — Made Movement has to work overtime to change consumers’ minds. Judging by the company’s well-written and great-looking blog, however, it appears Made Movement is up for the task.

Made Movement primarily uses the blog to showcase products and manufacturers, which is a dynamic and entertaining way to inform readers about brands they are probably unfamiliar with. Photo-rich and ready-to-be-pinned, Made Movement’s Tumblr-based blog clearly targets a late 20s and early 30-something demographic. Seasonal items, recipes, style inspirations and design ideas are all here and presented in a super cool format. Yet although the brand is conscientious and aware while being incredibly hip, Made Movements’ blog is friendly and doesn’t feel “too cool” by any stretch.

As a spirited upstart, Made Movement provides a ton of memorable blogging ideas. Blog posts are an introduction to your business. Instead of waiting for industry journals to explain how your company works, do it your darn self in blog posts. Also, we love how Made Movement’s blog posts are short. Challenge your company blog to say it with fewer, better and more interesting words. Lastly, Made Movement succeeds as a digital brand because all of its marketing is consistent. Great care was clearly taken to make sure the logos, colors, text and content all look as though they were created by one solid set of (American-born) ideas.

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