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Hey Mr. Old-Timer with the ancient business who brushes off blog marketing as something for the kids: It just so happens that custom content — like expertly-written and thoughtfully-crafted blogs — can transform any business, new or old. Just look at Macy’s. The 154-year-old iconic department store chain continues to stay fresh and relevant, and much of that has to do with an endless pursuit of creative ways to use online marketing. Naturally, Macy’s has been blogging for years. The company has dozens of blogs and blogging ideas that can inspire even the oldest and crustiest marketers among us.

Just by glancing at Front Row, Macy’s super stylish Tumblr blog, you’d never guess that Macy’s opened their doors for business in 1858. Front Row aims to give fashion fanatics a first look at Macy’s newest clothes. The stark white layout allows for the stunning bright colors in Vogue-type photographs to really pop. Given that it’s Tumblr, the text here is appropriately scant.

For shoppers who want more scoop, Front Row routinely gives a shoutout to the company’s granddaddy blog, Mblog. Mblog is a comprehensive online Macy’s magazine. Here fans of the brand will find multiple posts on fashion, home decor, accessories, beauty and in-store happenings around the country. Every category is easy to find and the blog is incredibly simple to use considering the sheer amount of content. With so much ground to cover and so many things to blog about, it’s crucial that Macy’s uses that department store-type of organization. Mblog does this perfectly, and it’s the kind of thing all brands can try.

Smartly-chosen categories, accurate keywords and simplified blog headings can truly make a blog a more enjoyable thing to read. Macy’s has a place for everything on its blog — therefore, readers never have to search for what they’re interested in.

Also, Macy’s isn’t afraid to embrace new things when it comes to online branding and blogging. Constantly innovating and changing, Macy’s is always willing to try new marketing techniques in order to reach younger audiences. Front Row is an excellent example of this, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Macy’s has video blogs, dozens of Pinterest accounts and a lightning fast Twitter page.

So, Mr. Old-Timer, if an old gal like Macy’s can do all that, we think you’ll be just fine with blog marketing. Who knows? It might even make you (and your brand) feel ten years younger.

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