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It wouldn’t be surprising if a chic luxury brand like Louis Vuitton turned up its nose at blog marketing. After all, the brand churns out some of the planet’s most highly-sought-after leather goods, clothing and accessories. From Compton to Capri, the company’s often-knocked-off “LV” logo can be found everywhere. So it’s fair to assume the folks at LV couldn’t be bothered with blogging, right? Wrong! In fact, Louis Vuitton is one of the savviest online marketing giants on the planet and blogging plays a crucial role in the company’s quest for digital dominance.

New, Now is Louis Vuitton’s ultra-cool blog. Each post is like the style pages from your favorite fashion magazine come to life. The posts pair gorgeous video footage with music and text. Like any great corporate blog, LV uses its blog to tell followers what events the brand is sponsoring and what new products are coming out. Unlike any old mom and pop shop bloggers, however, Louis Vuitton packs New, Now with glamour, art, globe-trotting and creativity. Louis Vuitton annually ranks in the top 20 most powerful brands in the world, and its luxury and style are what keep buyers coming back to the brand. So it only makes sense that New, Now would cover exclusive fashion events in Monte Carlo and feature interviews with famous fashion photographers, it’s all part of the branding and why folks love LV.

The biggest thing bloggers like you and I can take away from a sleek blog like Louis Vuitton’s is that we shouldn’t be afraid to make our blogs look fabulous. Obviously, we realize in times like ours that big budgets on design are impossible for most small businesses, but it doesn’t take a Louis Vuitton suitcase full of money to get a great-looking blog. Many platforms like WordPress have gorgeous blog layouts, many of them for free. An eye-catching blog can really be achievable if you pop your posts with stunning photographs, memorable videos and an attractive, easy-to-read font. In other words, the visual aspect of your blog should be as much of your custom content strategy as the written words are. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton are world-renowned for their attention to the tiniest of details. Blogging-for-business masters should have that same eye for detail and style. New, Now is a great example of how a company brand can be its own creative expression while being the perfect accessory to a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

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