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Here’s a blog creation conundrum for you: How does a company walk the line between a blog that entertains followers while speaking directly to the folks who work at said organization? As usual, when it comes to great digital marketing solutions, we look to the fine folks over at Levi Strauss for the answer.

In addition to being purveyors of denim awesomeness, Levi’s sure knows how to rock out all things social. From a killer Facebook page to a super stylish Tumblr, Levi’s sets just as many trends online as it does in fashion. So naturally, when it comes to blogging, the company approaches the platform with the same sense of style and approachability it uses elsewhere. LS&Co. Unzipped is Levi’s branded blog which dances lightly between a backstage look at one of the planet’s oldest jean manufacturers, a traditional fashion blog and an online resource for all things Levi’s.

“Here’s where you’ll find a ‘behind-the-seams’ look at what’s going on with Levi Strauss & Co. You’ll hear from a variety of voices, from both inside and outside the company. And you have the chance to share your thoughts,” the blog promises on its front page. The content is varied, intelligent and really interesting to read. Blog entries like the one which discusses the long history between motorcycles and Levi’s and the company’s German roots give readers a look at Levi’s history. Other posts, like profiles of employees and efforts to conserve water, introduce shoppers to the more corporate yet progressive side of Levi’s. Still more posts about the new colors and styles of denim bring the focus back to jeans, the product that put Levi’s on the map. 

LS&Co. Unzipped is inspiring for branded bloggers mainly because it offers a multi-dimensional glimpse into a company most consumers thought they already knew everything about. Readers of the blog are enticed to stick around and read more posts, thanks in large part to unique posts which inform and entertain. Levi’s solves our puzzle posed at the top of the post by warmly welcoming us inside the world of Levi’s. And your company blog can do the same thing. By presenting a backstage look at daily operations and showing readers how your business works, your company blog instantly becomes more personal and less robotic.

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