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Think a travel and tourism board wouldn’t know how to cleverly use blog creation? Clearly you aren’t familiar with the work of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. After all, LVCVA is just a “little” tourism group that helps Las Vegas bring in 9 billion dollars in annual gambling revenue and created the legendary “What Happens in Vegas” campaign. So you better believe when it comes to smart blog marketing, Vegas is a safe bet.

Maybe you didn’t hear a little story about Prince Harry of England’s epic partying in Las Vegas last week which resulted in a major nude photo scandal. The pictures, which were leaked by one of the Prince’s “friends,” quickly became the stuff of Internet legend and the blog was right there with a smart post to show their support for the royal. An old-timey blog post on Friday read: “For Shame! To Those Who Traded in Their to The Las Vegas Brethren, We Deplore You!” The post was a tongue in cheek reference to “the code” of Vegas and went on to shame those who broke it and ruined Prince Harry’s good time. Naturally, the blog post was turned into a social media campaign and print ad, too.

This kind of hip and up-to-the-minute blogging is a big part of Vegas’ brand. The desert city relies on talking directly to the 20-something demographic and blogging is a great way to do that. The blog also features the skinny on the hottest entertainment, sporting and fashion events happening in town. sees blogging as central to its vast digital marketing plan to hit Las Vegas fans on every possible platform.

This brings us to our takeaway tips for the week. First off, you don’t have to be a gambling mecca to have your blog, Twitter and Facebook work together like a well-oiled machine. All three platforms should scratch each other’s backs and promote the other’s content. does this brilliantly and seamlessly. Also, all of us can get creative and use the day’s headlines to increase traffic to our company blogs. Scandals, news stories and buzzed-about Internet memes are easy blogging ideas and a great way to reel in new readers. Go ahead — bet the house on timely topics and great social media synchronicity and your blog will come out a winner.

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