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Here’s a blog marketing conundrum for you: How can a brand famous for one line of products use blogging to promote another line of products consumers might not automatically associate with their name? Well, if the brand is Kellogg’s and the goal is promoting its vast empire of non-breakfast snack foods, you do it by turning your blog into a slick, idea-filled magazine. is Kellogg’s solution to the above problem — and pretty good looking one at that. Yes, we all know Kellogg’s as the creators of Snap, Crackle and Pop, Tony the Tiger and other fantastic cereal-related icons. But did you know that Kellogg’s also produces Keebler crackers and cookies, Cheez-Its and a plethora of other popular snack foods? To get consumers to associate the brand with snacking, the company created Snackpicks. This snacktacular blog not only prominently features Kellogg’s products but also gives families ideas, recipes and tips for healthy snacking. Given the time of year, the blog currently features ideas for kid’s lunches and after school snack inspirations. There’s even a blog post about using Rice Krispie Treats to teach fractions.

Sure, Snackpicks tagline is “ideas to snack on” but really the point here is to sell the products by featuring them in a different light, and this blog does that with no problems.

Kellogg’s created a new blog for an emerging part of its company’s business and this is something everybody — from the corner dry cleaners to the attorney’s office in the fancy high rise — can do. Hopefully, our businesses are growing and evolving. So our blogs should change right along with them. What you talked about six months ago in blog posts may not be interesting to your readers today as your company changes. While creating an entirely new blog for a different aspect of your company might be necessary, you can also do easy things like adding special columns or weekly features to talk about new changes, products and services. In the end, readers will come back to corporate blogs that give that something new and something to snack on.

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