Blog Like the Big Brands: JetBlue

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Many businesses are drawn to blog marketing because of its seamless and effective ability to introduce readers to a company’s core values. Within a few well-written posts, readers can really get to know how a brand ticks. A good corporate blog can talk about your company’s charitable causes, new safety campaigns and awards and accolades without being boring to read. This week, Blog Like the Big Brands turns its eyes on JetBlue.

The quirky airline is a beloved and trusted brand and its blog, BlueTales, stays true to that image while talking about things the company cares about. BlueTales isn’t filled with juicy stories of misbehaving passengers and behind-the-scenes drama. Instead, JetBlue uses its blog to paint the picture of a brand that has a good time, is always innovating for its customers and even makes time to do right for mankind.

A recent entry entitled “JetBlue Takes Time with Tots” profiled a visit to an Orlando nursery by JetBlue pilots and crew members. Other entries talk about new services, celebrity sightings, environmental efforts and employee profiles. The style of BlueTales is the chatty, friendly and informative language the brand uses in its traditional advertising and social media marketing. The blog is clearly meant as an online magazine for both employees and customers of JetBlue who want to see what the brand’s been up to.

It’s a simple format that works and one that can work for you, too. Blogging so followers get to know your brand is great place to start for nearly any size company. Blog about new employees, community involvement, favorite causes and procedure changes that will help your customers. To keep it from turning dry or clinical, infuse your posts with personality and humor like JetBlue does. There’s no need to overdo this kind of thing, but you don’t want your words to put readers to sleep, either. Just remember the majority of the big brands we talk about in these pages got to be big by having a distinct personality; that’s a trait every blogging-for-business expert can tap into.

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