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No conversation about corporate blog writing would be complete without talking about Google. After all, not only does Google own one of the planet’s most-used blogging platforms (Blogger), but its own blog is a highly-referenced one in its own right. The Official Google Blog is turned to by everyone, from politicians to journalists to tech experts, any and every time news, rumors or new products are generated by Google. Many would argue Google practically invented blogging for business in the first place. So we wondered: What makes Google such a blogging powerhouse? And how can our small businesses harness some of that blog marketing juju?

Take a gander at the Official Google Blog. Notice anything? For one thing, it’s super sleek and clean. The Google blog has taken on the same modern, stark look of all the other Google products. This is great branding because right away, a visitor knows exactly where they are. Also, while the blog has plenty of videos and links, it’s important to notice how orderly everything is. Google’s search engine is a resource, and the Official Google Blog looks like a resource, too. Google underwent a huge branding and image makeover last year, and the blog matches everything else. Content-wise is where small businesses can steal a move or two from Google, though.

Every post on the Google blog isn’t afraid to know what it’s talking about. Google goes to great lengths to explain how it does what it does to the little people like you and me and the blogs read like a knowledgeable friend. In short, people read the Google blog because the writers are experts in their field and they’re proud of it. We, too, should be proud of being brilliant in our respective fields. Our consumers and followers most likely stumbled upon our blogs to learn something about us. So pack each post with tips and tricks only you know about your business. Who cares if it sounds nerdy? When it comes to content, don’t hold back. Let your expert flag fly.

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