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Some of the best examples of blogging for business come from social media sites. Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn use blogging to say what a million status updates and tweets could never say: more. Blogging is still the fastest and most comprehensive way to express daily the recent happenings and goings-on at your business. For example,, the booklover’s social media paradise, uses its blog to keep members in the loop of all the nifty booktacular things happening on the site.

Part Facebook, part neighborhood bookstore, Goodreads users are passionate about reading, books and their favorite authors. On the site’s message boards, discussion threads and reviews users get in hot and heavy conversations about what they’re reading. Recently, the site made headlines when it was purchased by Amazon. Naysayers worry that Amazon’s corporate bent will put a damper on Goodreads open and lively discussion. Judging by the company’s blogging efforts however its hard to notice the regime change just yet. Infographics on Shakespeare, famous authors playing along in a short story game, and announcements of video chats with bestselling writers are the kind of posts Goodreads fills its blog with. The blog wisely stays on the topics of books and reading and invites users to weigh in and sound off. Letting Goodreads’ members in on the discussion is brilliant and very on brand as the sites users are famously opinionated.

But you don’t have to run a popular social media site to get folks talking. Opening the door for comments and conversations from your blog’s readers is a terrific idea any of us can do. By composing posts that ask for readers thoughts and ideas you’re not only getting your consumers thoughts but helping your blog post go viral by inviting comments. Provocative questions, opinion polls on new products and interactive trivia games using photos are just a few ways to get the comment love flowing. After all, your company is chatty and interesting in real-life so why can’t your blog be the same?


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