Blog Like the Big Brands: General Mills

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We know what you’re thinking: Great blog writing from the people who make cereal? What are we, nuts? Perhaps. But General Mills is one of the top brands on the planet and it’s a lot more than just cereal. From Haagen Daz and Hamburger Helper to Yoplait and Green Giant, General Mills is behind some of the globe’s most popular names in food. Staffed with masters at branding who are well versed at social media, the company has a surprisingly rocking blog. And it’s one just perfect for our Blog Like the Big Brands series. So pour yourself a bowl of Cheerios and get ready for A Taste of General Mills.

A Taste of General Mills is the company’s colorful and informative blog. What makes this blog surprising is how friendly and even kind of hip the whole thing looks. The type is retro and modern at the same time while the blog’s layout is like that of a really cool food blog. For a company with so many diverse topics to cover, the blog does it all effortlessly. Recipes, General Mills’ efforts in fighting global hunger, industry news and updates, photos of products from around the world and nutritional information are all here and juggled nicely. The food industry is under tight scrutiny these days, so it’s wise for General Mills to have a blog that addresses consumer concerns while being friendly and easy to read. Companies like General Mills are frequently attacked for contributing to pollution and obesity, so by facing these issues head-on in the blog, the company is saying, “Yes, we know there are problems, and here’s what we’re doing about them.”

That approachable, friendly vibe should be something nearly every brand strives to achieve. Just because your business may be technical or complex doesn’t mean your blog readers should feel intimidated or — worse yet — bored by your content. Knowledgeable blog writers can craft engaging content, regardless of your subject matter.

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