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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

What does imagination have to do with great content marketing or blogging for business? We’ll agree with Einstein and say “everything.” Imaginative posts that still talk about a business’ products and services while being creative and memorable are content gold. Creativity is the secret ingredient to every post you’ve ever forwarded and every blog you’ve ever followed. Imagination-filled blogs become art and news on their own. Take, for example, the Tumblr blog of General Electric. 

GE — known for light bulbs, electronics and being a huge source of traditional and alternative energy — might be an interesting corporation, but who knew it would also make for amazing blog material? We often talk about how visually-based brands are suited best for Tumblr blogs. Companies that have striking products are the sort of thing Tumblr was made for and exactly the content user clamors for. So go figure that GE has one of the coolest and most visually-striking blogs on the site, considering that energy isn’t something we can really see. GE pulls it off with vintage product ads, amazing science-themed GIFs and breathtaking photos of GE’s latest innovations. The blog is also used to tout unique promotions like the #6SecondScienceFair on Vine. Other posts use pictures to illustrate how things like wind turbines operate. Judging by the thousands of reblogs, follows and likes on Tumblr, GE has hit the jackpot. Moreover, the posts here do something really remarkable: They help us get more interested in GE. These wildly imaginative posts elevate corporate blogging and help us see that with a little creativity and some good ideas, any business can have an interesting blog.

Now this isn’t to say that everybody should rush out and start a Tumblr. We’re simply trying to reinforce that thinking outside the box is always a good thing. GE makes us rethink how we blog, how we use blogging to communicate with our followers and what we post about.

Readers, what branded blogs fire your imaginations and make you want to change the way your blog does things? Tell us below!


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