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Brands dive into the blogging-for-business waters for many different reasons. Some companies find blogs to be the perfect place to post photos of new products. Others use blogging to talk about all the behind-the-scenes action happening at a busy company. And even more take up blogging to explain the services and products they offer. Yet smart brands like Frito-Lay use blogs for all those reasons while pushing the latest promotions and events.

Snack Chat is Frito-Lay’s blog, but really it serves as a visual press release and bulletin board. A busy brand like Frito-Lay, with its dozens of subsidiaries, has hundreds of PR statements, social media events and new product releases in any given month. Therefore, it makes sense that Snack Chat is given the task of reporting on each and every one. Frito-Lay also sponsors events around the globe and those too are covered here. Blogs are terrific platforms for companies that generate news stories on a regular basis. Blog posts can go further in-depth than social media posts while saving room on website front pages.

Frito-Lay also uses blogging to create excitement around social media promotions. A recent post, for example, detailed “Get Fired Up.” This Twitter party celebrates the snacking (I mean, football) season with live game day recipes, special hashtags and product giveaways. The collection of diverse posts covers everything from WWE and a health fair to National Potato Day and a profile of a recent contest winner. Snack Chat doesn’t bother with a fancy layout or ultra-modern look which could be distracting. Its simple design reinforces the direct intention to talk about Frito-Lay’s many products and promotions. 

Promotions, events, fundraising campaigns and contests are the kind of thing blogging was made for. By using social media to promote these things and to direct folks back to the blog is even more powerful and amazing for your page visits. Special promotions are fantastic bait to reel in readers to a new company blog, too. There’s no limit to the promotional ideas and specials you can create, and your blog can be an integral part of each and every one. So how will you use your blog to promote the latest and greatest happening at your business?

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