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Food. Who knew the thing we fill our bellies with 3 times a day would also become a blog creation gold mine? Food blogging is so popular that there are even special blog templates, photo settings and layout options specially designed for us to talk about what we’ve eaten. And unless we stop eating and using the Internet, the trend is likely to continue its explosion. The Food Network, one of the first media outlets to cash in on our love of all things culinary, is a brand that knows how to cook up good blog marketing to get readers’ mouths watering.

The Food Network, although certainly a purveyor of delicious ideas and silly must-watch reality shows, uses branded blogging like the rest of us — to create dynamic content that sells visitors on our brand. Therefore, its blog does quite a bit of multi-tasking. From recaps of programs that aired the night before and recipes from the channel’s biggest stars, FN Dish blogs about everything fans of the network are interested in.

With dozens of television shows, products, books and recipes, FN Dish has tons of material within its brand to draw from to create varied and interesting blog content. “Pinnable” recipes and photo-heavy posts keep FN Dish on trend and up-to-speed with its competitors like Bon Appetite or even the highly-read New York Times’ food section. While Food Network has lots of loved (and love-to-hate) on-air personalities like Guy Fieri and Ann Burrell, the real star of the channel is the food. Without great-looking and easy-to-re-create recipes, the brand is sunk. The blog does a terrific job of giving readers tasty, easy and inspiring meal ideas to try at home. Of course, you might not try every culinary masterpiece the pros make on FN Dish, but the tutorials are easy enough that it could inspire you to try at least one.

Teaching your readers something is a terrific way to use your company blog. You might not be a recipe diva, but everybody knows a tip or fun idea that their readers can try — preferably using one of your brand’s great services or products.

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