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This week for BLTBB, we’re going to the movies! You know, those places with the big screens and the crazy-priced popcorn? Even if you haven’t caught a film on the big screen in a while, there’s no denying that people love the movies — so much so that there are dozens of popular sites that help moviegoers get everything from reviews and tickets to showtimes and directions. We took a look at Freshly Popped, Fandango’s movie blog to see how one of the first online movie ticket sites uses blogging.

And what did we learn (besides the fact that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in a new movie)? Beyond covering top movie news, tickets and showtimes, Fandango is also an entertainment brand. Therefore using a blog to report all of the biggest news stories from Hollywood is a wise move. In addition to movie news, the blog features the sort of witty and trivia-filled posts and polls about film that movie lovers can’t get enough of. “What’s the Scariest Horror-Movie Mask of All Time?”, “Hollywood Reacts to the Passing of Elmore Leonard” and videos of the latest movie trailers are the sort of posts you’ll find on the Fandango blog. Wisely, the blog has ample coverage of movies opening soon (a good idea for site that sells tickets to movies). Considering what a crowded market movie blogging is, Fandango does a good job of having its own voice and not ripping off hipper, younger blogs. Freshly Popped sets out to excite readers and casual ticket buyers with more information about the movies they’re considering seeing, and we think it succeeds.

As long as you can find interesting content, we think using your blog, like Fandango does, to report on the latest news from your industry is a great idea. It makes sense that the folks who visit your blog would also be interested in other happenings in a related field. Relaying news is an old blogging trick you also can use to help fill the void when original posts aren’t exactly flowing. Just make sure to not overdo it and to always credit your sources. To elevate your blog’s news sharing ideas even more, try posting interviews and exclusive stories not carried anywhere else. Lastly, when reporting business news, make sure you’re still keeping the focus on your brand and what makes your company a blockbuster.  


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