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Blog creation can look a zillion different ways. For design-heavy business, great photos are a must. For large companies, blogs that keep tabs on all facets of the business are important. And for tech companies, like those creating mobile apps, it is essential to create blog posts that tell readers how to use the product in a fun and simplified way. Evernote, the super-popular digital post-it, uses blogging to do precisely that while creating a blog that stands on its own.

What does an app like Evernote do? What kind of interesting uses are there for Evernote that normal folks might not know about? How do updates to the app effect Evernote and how we use it? These are the kind of questions that Evernote’s blog tries to answer, all while presenting a visually-pleasing and easy-to-understand blog. Similar in style to TechCrunch or Mashable, the blog’s layout and style are instantly familiar to casual tech blog readers and super techies alike. This was a wise design move as it says, “We’re more like a cool, online magazine and less like a company blog.” The posts themselves are equally impressive. A first-time visitor to the blog and non-Evernote user could easy understand the product and what it does just by reading the informative posts. How to use Evernote to redesign your website, new security features users need to know about and interviews with Evernote execs and creators are a few of the things you’ll find at Evernote’s blog. The posts are well-organized and concise, which is also probably intentional given that Evernote is an app which promises to help its users’ lives become more organized and less chaotic.

Evernote’s blog perfectly captures how blogging can carry a company’s message without resorting to corny sales messages or spammy posts. As a result, tech bloggers often quote and cite Evernote’s blog as a valuable and reliable news source. In other words, why wait for bloggers to break your stories when you can break them yourself? Turn your business blog into an online magazine like Evernote did and you’re bound to see results.

Transcending the normal business blog and becoming something industry leaders and normal blog readers can enjoy alike is a terrific goal, indeed.

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