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Often imitated and frequently mocked, Etsy has become a digital branding giant since its launch in 2005. The online marketplace for all things crafty and handmade, Etsy transformed the way folks sell their jewelry, original artwork and vintage clothing. With very little spent on traditional advertising, Etsy has relied on great online marketing and word of mouth to help it turn into a billion-dollar brand. Naturally, Etsy does blog writing and blog marketing and it does so in a very Etsy way. And that is a good thing.

Etsy is one of those rare commerce sites which transcends shopping to become a community. And what better way to talk to your community than a blog?

Etsy uses its official blog as an ultimate crafting and artisans magazine. Whether it’s sending tweets or loading pictures of new finds on Facebook, Etsy fully commits to online marketing — therefore, its blogging receives the same enthusiasm and vigor. While writing this post, Etsy’s blog was updated no fewer than 3 times with original posts and fresh content! Craft-it-yourself idea posts float comfortably among interviews with seasoned artists, as do thoughts on specific types of art. The blog is packed with great pictures as all shopping blogs should be but also has original images to help aspiring crafters start their own projects. Etsy is a brand built on inspiring and empowering independent artists and the blog reinforces this mission statement.

While the glossy photos and slick layout of Etsy’s blog is impressive, what really rocks here is the brand’s consistency. True to the company’s goals, Etsy’s blog is the perfect corporate blog in the way it represents Etsy’s personality and vision. Updating often is something every company blog can do. There is nothing more inherently sad than a blog date stamped with posts from several weeks ago talking about current events that are no longer current. Updating your blog is easy and can be done in a few moments. Clearly, Etsy knows that an updated blog means more readers, higher search engine rankings and fresh online presence. With a little help and some crafty blog content management, regularly updating your corporate blog can turn you into a branding superstar, too.

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