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When a person or company really loves what they do, you can tell pretty quickly: Their employees are happy; they have plenty of clients. And this warm and fuzzy juju spreads to their followers. So why not give a little love to your blog creation? Driscoll’s berries really loves berries, and the Berry Blog certainly proves it.

Driscoll’s has been selling and distributing berries since 1904, and nearly every major grocery store carries its products. To be in the berry game for so long likely requires that the company have a deep affection for little, juicy fruits. Need proof? Just take a look at the Berry Blog. The posts have beautiful, original images of berries. Pictures of berries being used in recipes, photos of farmers harvesting berries and shots of Driscoll’s employees at work make the blog pop while giving readers a well-rounded look at a the company itself.

With blogs for food products, the ultimate goal is to inspire readers to turn off their computers and run to the grocery store. That’s a goal the Berry Blog accomplishes with recipes and how-tos for things like old-fashioned strawberry shortcake and chocolate-covered strawberries. By giving readers a look at the company’s practices and the day-to-day operations, however, Driscoll’s accomplishes something deeper. Driscoll’s open door proves the company is really proud of — and truly loves — its business and the people who support it.

If Driscoll’s blog can be this enthusiastic about berries, why can’t your accounting or event coordinating blog be filled to the brim with love? Why not inject some love into your personal training or pet supply blog? And why don’t you put a little love in that online shoe store of yours? When you love what you do, people can feel it and are attracted to your business. Blog content that loves what it’s talking about accomplishes the same thing. Blog about the products, services, employees and awards you are really proud of. Blog about the things that make your company unique. Share images and videos that you love with your customers. Create posts that are rich with your passion for your company. Your life is too short to create boring blog posts that you don’t truly love. Moreover, readers aren’t going to waste time on posts that put them to sleep. So get out there and put a little love in your blog.

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