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Before jumping into a blog writing campaign, it’s a good idea to assess your goals and figure out what you want to say with your company’s blog. Are you writing a blog so readers can get to know more about your company and products? Are you blogging to comment on current events that relate to your industry in hopes of driving traffic to your site? Or does your blog exist to simply give your site more fresh, dynamic content? For a mega-brand like Dove, blogging helps drive home its message that beauty comes in all ages, shapes, colors and sizes.

Oftentimes, the brands we profile in this column have the massive capital and pull to transform blogs into online magazines. Dove certainly qualifies and delivers a beauty bible right to its consumers’ computers. The brand’s website is filled with dozens of blog posts, articles and videos to go along with its dozens of products. The content ranges from informative and fun to a bit scientific. Beauty myths, seasonal skincare tips and even posts about perspiration, Dove covers a wide arrange of topics but wisely stays within its wheelhouse. It would be out of left field to have gossipy posts about celebrities or dry news stories about the company’s profit growth, and Dove wisely avoids such matters. Instead, the blog sticks to talking about the products that put it on the map. Also, the company devotes a separate page to talking about its social mission, “building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential.” All of this could get incredibly jumbled and downright exhausting, but thanks to some great organization and thoughtful categories, Dove’s many articles and blog posts are easy to find and read.

Using categories like Dove does is a great idea to keep your blogs tidy and together. While blogging, you or your ghostwriting specialists should be tagging each post with categories making them easy to group. Yet if your company covers a lot of different topics in its blog, perhaps specific buttons designated for broad categories is something you and your web developer need to look into. Also, don’t be afraid to use your blog to champion your company’s pet projects or community mission statements. A blog is an effective channel to write about the things close to you and your business, so don’t waste the opportunity! Dove’s commitment to self-esteem has transformed the company’s image; by reinforcing this effort in its content, it only makes the message stronger.

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