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Every Monday, we take a look at how some of the world’s most popular and successful brands use blog creation and blog marketing. Today, we’re keeping our hands and legs inside the cart at all times, making sure our seat belts are securely fastened and hopping on the roller coaster that is blogging with Disney Parks. Enjoy the ride!

Summer is the time when Americans and travelers from around the world grab the kids and head over to their favorite theme park. And nobody does theme parks like Disney. For years, Disneyland and Disney World have been the subject of hundreds of unauthorized blogs. The parks inspire impassioned fandom, wild rumors and even legitimate news stories. In short, bloggers love chatting about what goes on behind the scenes at Disney Parks. Never one to miss a chance to grow its audience, Disney Parks has taken blogging into its own hands. The Disney Parks Blog, while not imaginatively titled, certainly delivers the goods for readers of all ages who want to see what’s happening at Disney Parks around the globe. Bright, packed with a wide array of content and, most importantly, family-friendly, the blog takes on a chatty travel magazine vibe. After all, the point here is to inspire readers in these economically-challenging times to whip out their credit cards and book a Disney-flavored vacation.

While this writer didn’t do exactly that, I did like the playful tone and fun-filled “who knew?”-type of facts the blog provides. Also great is the blog’s use of tons of contributors, videos and series that profile different parts of the park.

And that brings us to this week’s big brand blogging tip: less pontificating, more collaborating! Disney relies on dozens of writers to provide fresh, up-to-the-minute content. Instead of one person chatting day after day about the same topics, Disney Parks has a sort of news network working to provide stories and develop ongoing blog series. Different writers can infuse a blog with a new voice and personality while staying true to the company’s vision. Series are another fantastic idea to give your blog that magazine feel even if you don’t have the Disney budget. We love Disney’s video blog series, Every Role a Starring Role, which highlights employees like Riverboat Guides, Stage Technicians and Sketch Artists who aren’t as famous as Mickey and Minnie but still vital to Disney’s success. Any non-profit can do a series like this profiling donors or volunteers. Likewise for small businesses. Use your blog to show customers what your devoted employees do every day.

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