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Why not expect more from your blogging for business campaign? A sharply written, meticulously maintained and regularly updated blog can handle a lot more than just company chatter or pictures from the office Halloween party. Your company blog should be able to serve as your press room, dazzling product catalogue and busy hub for all things related to your company, including witty musings by employees and genuine, newsworthy items. So how does a company achieve this supreme state of blogging balance? Design Within Reach is one busy brand that somehow manages to make it work.

Furniture and home decor depot Design Within Reach (or DWR, as they cool kids call it) is known for a stark, chic, totally modern aesthetic. Therefore it makes perfect sense that the company’s blog would be just as cool and great to look at. Like any good retailers that use blogging, DWR posts all the latest items on sale, photos of new products and ideas on how to use its products. Also present is the newsy information you expect from most business blogs — dates of design conferences, notes from the CEO and the like.

Yet what makes DWR’s blog pop are the posts that are fun to read like the weekly crossword puzzles, gift ideas from employees, lists of must-see art exhibits and must-read books and incredible photos of all of the chairs, couches and rugs design snobs drool over. For a brand with seriously expensive goods, the company really uses the blog to cut loose. For example, DWR used the blog to trumpet the return of its Champagne Chair Contest, wherein creative readers are challenged to create mini chairs out of the labels, foil, cages and corks from no more than two champagne bottles. These injections of whimsy are a great takeaway that any company can try.

Sure, you want your blog to get down to business and start bringing in new clients or customers, but having a little fun with photos, videos and even contests can really liven up the experience. Readers can only be yammered at for so long before their eyes glaze over and they move on to the next blog. By creating occasional fun diversions in your blog posts, you’re inviting readers to smile and stick around.

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