Blog Like the Big Brands: Chipotle

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If you’re struggling with blog writing and blog marketing, maybe our series Blog Like the Big Brands can help. Every Monday, we profile mega-brands who use blogging to engage followers, help SEO and reach out to new customers. Some companies lean heavily on blogging to help give consumers a better idea of what their brand is all about. Blogs can effectively and efficiently do this in a few well-constructed posts that get shared instantly on social media. Other companies, like Chipotle, use blogs as a supplement tool to help push campaigns and new promotions.

Healthy Mexican restaurant Chipotle, which redefined the term “fast casual dining,” isn’t just known worldwide for its burritos but for its incredibly strong brand identity. From the pictures on the wall to the Chipotle Facebook page, the company’s unforgettable logos, message and philosophy are always present. And so it is with the Chipotle Tumblr blog. Strong visuals, strong opinions about how food should be made, memorable videos and even chatter from local Chipotle restaurants are all here. Yet visitors to the blog will immediately notice that Chipotle doesn’t blog every day and that the blog isn’t packed with tons of content. Instead of covering the day-to-day at the world’s hippest burrito joint, the blog is used to promote new products and campaigns. For example, Chipotle is currently pushing its music and awareness festival entitled Cultivate. This unique idea melds Chipotle’s food, music and sustainability awareness and is unlike any other festival on the planet. So a blog is a perfect place to explain Cultivate and post videos to get future attendees excited about it.

Normally, sporadic and specific blogging like Chipotle’s might not seem like a great idea. But for a brand with such an incredible web presence throughout all channels of social media marketing, it totally works. In fact, blogging specific promotions, launches and events as supplemental to your company’s current digital branding plan is a smart move. Maybe you don’t have enough blog posts or content to talk about your company everyday. Blogging can be terrific for special contests, as a video channel or even just a home to store images of new products. The fact that a branding superstar like Chipotle does blog says a lot about the platform.

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