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Stalled out with your company’s blog content management strategy? Has your blog marketing run out of gas? Well, perhaps we can help. Each week, we examine the blogging habits and styles of some the planet’s most powerful and influential brands. This week, we take a gander at how luxury carmaker BMW uses blogging to get car enthusiasts drooling over its latest models.

Blogging for a global brand like BMW could potentially be a scattered, ADD-inducing affair. After all, with thousands of products in different markets, what on Earth do you begin to blog about? Wisely, BMW sticks to delivering the goods: cars and plenty of them. Upon entering the BMWBLOG, visitors get a glimpse at dozens of cars through slide shows, videos and lots of images. For folks fluent in BMW, the company delivers in-depth pieces about test drives, safety features and industry reviews. For novices just learning the ropes in luxury car land, BMW goes back to what works: more pictures of those glamorous cars.

Editors of the BMWBLOG have clearly written the text of each post with the curious and well-researched car buyer in mind, however. The posts do not back away from giving specifics about each car and its features. Chassis, headlamps, kidney grills and lower front ends are the kinds of terms you’ll see dropped casually on the blog, and clearly it works. The BMWBLOG is routinely ranked one of the top automotive blogs on the web.

As a takeaway for businesses of all types and sizes, BMW certainly inspires us to take pride in our companies and to blog about them proudly. BMW assumes that visitors to its blog want to read “car lingo” and wordy technical reviews, and it delivers these things unapologetically. Branded blogs should feel free to brag about the products and services that put them on the map and that they want new customers to know about. Blogging, with its online magazine feel, is a fantastic way to do that on a regular basis.

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