Blog Like the Big Brands: Bloomingdales

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If your content marketing plan includes blog creation, one of things you should be considering is who your ideal audience is. But figuring out who you are creating all this content for is a monumental first step. How old are your readers? What other blogs do they read? Why are you targeting this group of consumers and blog readers? And even though these are good answers to have, sometimes a blog’s audience can change. We’ve seen huge companies switch the focus and demographic of blog campaigns on a moment’s notice. This week, for example, we’re looking at the chic and surprisingly young blogging efforts of Bloomingdale’s. Judging by its Tumblr blog, we can safely say that this ain’t your mama’s Bloomingdales.

Just try to look at Bloomingdale’s blog without using those already overused advertising buzzwords of “hip,” “young” and “fresh.” We don’t think it can be done — and this a good thing. Clearly the 153-year-old department store is focusing its marketing on a whole new audience. While still a luxury-based, high-end department store, Bloomies is now blogging about things like music festivals, young brands like Theory and designer sneakers. The blog also wisely features posts which profile new products, launch parties and live coverage from runway shows around the globe. For a very visual brand which hopes to inspire readers to go shopping, Tumblr is a great choice for Bloomingdale’s. Every fashion photo shoot looks fabulous and the platform’s design lends itself to this kind of thing with ease.

But great blogs, even the photo-heavy Tumblr variety, have to include well-written and dynamic copy. Fashion posts can veer dangerously into a vapid and boring territory if devoid of good writing. Luckily, Bloomingdale’s blog is written with an ease and sense of style that is at once aspirational and approachable.

Non-fashiony blogs of the smaller business variety can pick up a thing or two from Bloomingdale’s blog. For one, the department store really knows who it’s blogging for. Blogging-for-business efforts of all sizes can really benefit from taking the time to discover their own audience. Another great takeaway from Blooingdale’s is well-rounded content. For every terrific photo, there’s also product information or a discussion on style. The site keeps the conversation and topics varied, ensuring that readers will always have something new to read and chat about. Lastly, Bloomingdale’s proves that it doesn’t matter how old your business is — blogging is an easy and dynamic platform for reaching new audiences.

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