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BlackberryA good rule of thumb to live by when it comes to branded blog creation? Keep it simple. Brands of all sizes are moving toward more direct, more streamlined blogging. The days of packing your blog full of content just for the sake of content are over. Search engines and readers alike can spot overstuffed, spammy corporate blogs from a mile away. Consumers now expect branded digital magazines that elevate blogging for business to something more entertaining and readable. Smartphone innovator BlackBerry is a fantastic example of a company that has revamped its blog to keep in touch with current trends.

Inside Blackberry is a blog that delivers on its title. The goal of the blog is simple: to take readers and consumers inside the popular phone manufacturer. Therefore, the posts cover topics BlackBerry owners want to read about. The latest in BlackBerry apps and games, reviews of new phones, how to use your BlackBerry at sporting events and even some more technical stuff is all covered at Inside BlackBerry. In keeping with the digital magazine trend, each post is short in length but filled with useful and interesting information. Also, the posts are written with a friendly and approachable tone, which makes some of the more technical-themed posts easier to read and digest.

Given the competitive nature of the smartphone biz, the blog is also hard at work making readers realize how great new BlackBerry products are. For example, the recently-launched Z10 is featured in a variety of posts and videos that demonstrate all the cool things the phone can do. Rightfully so, the phones are the stars here — but that doesn’t mean every post is some heavy-handed sales pitch. Inside BlackBerry handles the job of a branded blog, but it’s also entertaining and informative.

The truth is that company blogs don’t have to (read: shouldn’t) choose one or the other. Well-crafted blogs can be both fun to read while telling a brand’s story.

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