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Blog creation and blog marketing can be a real lifesaver for nonprofit organizations. Thanks largely in part to its low start-up cost and easy upkeep, blogging is online marketing any do-gooder organization can do. Plus blogging is a terrific way to create fresh content for nonprofits, thus making it a heck of a lot easier to find them online. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the ASPCA, is one nonprofit organization that has turned to blogging to help our furry friends while helping itself as a brand.

Founded in 1866, the ASPCA continues to fight the good fight against animal abuse, and blogging is yet another way it helps spread the word. Committed to working for animals, the ASPCA keeps its blog topics devoted to that message. From posts describing upcoming fundraising events and how-to articles about pet care to the latest headlines in animal news and updates on new legislation affecting pets, the ASPCA’s blog is a comprehensive news center covering every topic animal lovers want to know about. The format is clean, not fancy — yet affective. For a nonprofit like the ASPCA, there’s no need for super fancy graphics or funny videos. Animal advocates take their work very seriously, so the blog reflects precisely that level of seriousness — all without being too stodgy or judgmental. In fact, the tone of the blog entries is inspirational and hopeful… no doubt an intentional move. By inspiring readers with its blog posts, the ASPCA is more likely to get people involved with its mission. The ASPCA has clearly figured out how it wants to engage in a conversation with its supporters and followers by creating an uplifting tone. This a fabulous takeaway for every nonprofit looking to get in the blog creation game.

By truly cultivating a tone and opinion in your blog posts, you, like the ASPCA, can invite people to learn more about and support your organization. Work with a content marketing specialist to really pick out a tone that inspires readers to then be inspired by your nonprofit.

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