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Has Microsoft zeroed in on Google’s Achilles’ heel, or will their latest effort be way too little way too late. According to a recent Business Week article Qi Lu, Microsofts top dog of search, believes it’s his duty to improve search experiences online. The article states,  “while Web surfers may say they’re happy with search technology, the data show they don’t find what they’re after almost half the time.” Is this a kink in Google’s armor? This kink is exactly the kind of weakness Microsoft is building their new Bing engine around. How will they do it? A couple of things Bing offers to help searchers get to what they want faster: hover-over pop-up summaries, a side panel table of contents that lists related options to refine the search, health-related queries from reputable sources on top, simultaneous displays of reviews and photos for product searching and much more. Microsoft is positioning Bing not as another search engine, but a decision engine that helps you overcome search overload. I had no idea I was being overloaded, but apparently Microsoft tells me so. To get a better look at bing, visit this link.

Enzo F. Cesario

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