Bing clawing away at Yahoo market share

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When Bing came on the scene, I posted an entry suggesting that Bing was capitalizing on weaknesses of how users interact with Google’s search technology. Recent data, however, suggests that Bing may be eating into Yahoo’s market share instead. The numbers show that Bing gained.04 percent in market share while Yahoo lost .05 percent and Google held steady, neither gaining nor losing. The indication here is that Bing is giving Yahoo some heated competition. Can this mean that Yahoo may be ready to come to the table and make a deal with Microsoft? According to the rumor mill at “An entourage of high-ranking Micrsofties have reportedly been seen strutting around Yahoo’s Sunnyvale Headquarters” .  I’ll believe it when I see it. Being a Yahoo shareholder myself, I can’t tell you how many times rumors of deal making between the two tech giants has affected stock prices and the hopes and dreams of shareholders like me. But the numbers don’t lie. Bing is experiencing an increase in web traffic and Yahoo is lagging. Sounds like deal making time to me.

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